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What type of event do you want?

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Crafted for teams that like high energy contests of skill and quick thinking


Designed for teams looking to up their communication with social games


Great for teams that are wanting to de-stress with a calming artistic experience


Celebrate the Holidays with our custom holiday themed events.

Ryptic Editor's Choice Events

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01Online Office Olympics

Take team building up a notch with the Online Office Olympics, where camaraderie meets competition. Over the course of 90 minutes, your team will speed through rapid-fire virtual challenges that will keep them on their toes (and smiling) in a quest for the ultimate prize – bragging rights.
$300 minimum per event

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Virtual paint night

02Virtual Paint Night

Art made easy! We send everything your team needs to paint along with our talented art instructors. Each group is expertly guided step by step through one of more than 50 paintings to choose from. So simple that anyone can follow along and create something they’ll be proud to hang on the wall.
Available in US and Canada, $600 minimum

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Trivia night

03Remote Trivia Night

We’ve mastered technology that brings teams together online for engaging trivia questions and an extra helping of fun. Our experienced Trivia Masters ensure the event runs smoothly while entertaining competitors with unpredictable - and just challenging enough - questions. With a variety of themes to choose from, there’s something for everyone! $300 minimum per event

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04Sherlock Holmes: Murder Mystery

There’s been a terrible crime in 19th century London. Scotland Yard is stumped; Sherlock Holmes can’t be found. It’s all up to you! This ‘choose your own adventure’ puts you in charge of the investigation. With some super sleuths on your team, you just might be able to unmask the true culprit.
$300 minimum per event

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Escape the Mad Hatter participant in escape room

05Escape the Mad Hatter: Live

Lost in Wonderland, you accept the Mad Hatter's tea party invitation. Little did you know, these parties never end and you might end up as mad as the hatter himself! To escape Wonderland, your team will need to solve riddles from each of the 4 realms. You’ll have to think fast to get away!

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Spotlight Events

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Art attack

Art Attack - Online Office Olympics

We just put a creative spin on our most popular virtual event. Get ready to show off your knowledge of art history and your core crafting competencies. In this colorful version of the Office Olympics, participants compete head to head in a variety of arts and crafts-themed challenges, ranging from Last Letter to Family Feud, with some wacky sudden-death challenges thrown in for good measure. No paintbrush required!
$300 minimum per event

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Silicon valley

Silicon Valley Remote Team Trivia

From major players like Apple and Google to up-and-coming startups, Silicon Valley is home to some of the most well-known tech companies in the world. Think you know tech? Put it to the test and challenge your team to a round of Silicon Valley trivia for some fast-paced fun and games
$300 minimum per event

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We offer a variety of virtual team building activities for remote teams. Each of our remote team activities offer fun and engaging ways to build stronger ties and better lines of communication between teammates. Our team building events have 1000+ five star reviews from happy clients.

Activities guaranteed to engage your team
Team Building that's fun and wholesome
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Trivia night

What clients say about us

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About Us

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Cody Fisher
Senior Writer

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Esther Howard
Senior Engineer

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Eleanor Pena

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Jane Cooper
Venture Lead

Frequently asked questions

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Can you host virtual events outside of the US?

Yes! We host teams from all over the world. Ryptic is proud to have virtually hosted groups from Ireland to the Ukraine and as far away as China. For a small fee, we’ll even offer custom scheduling to accommodate other time zones.

What's your most popular event?

For those new to virtual team building, we recommend the Online Office Olympics. This event is our most popular and it gets your team engaged and working together in a light-hearted competition. The seemingly simple games we play are actually building stronger bonds within each group.

How do you host an online event for larger groups?

For events that require more audience participation, we’ll plan multiple simultaneous events of approximately 25 players each. This ensures maximum participation opportunities and a better team member experience. We’ve perfected the art of starting a session all together before breaking out into smaller virtual meeting rooms for the interactive piece. Each breakout room gets its own Ryptic host.

I'm ready to schedule! How do I pay?

We currently accept all major credit cards for your convenience!

What video conferencing platform do you use?

Trust us, we’ve tried them all! We prefer Zoom for our online virtual events, but we do offer a Google Meet alternative by request. (Check the $0 Zoom Alternative add-on when booking; you’ll receive the link 1 day prior to the event.)

Do we need at least 10 participants to book an event?

All of our events (apart from the Virtual Escape Rooms) require a minimum charge for 10 participants. Clients can book an event for as little as 2 people but will be charged the minimum 10-person rate.

What is your cancellation policy?

Ryptic accepts cancellations and reschedules for all virtual events (except Virtual Paint Night*). The amount of a refund or store credit will vary depending on the amount of advance notice provided:

  • 5+ days notice: Full refund - minus the 6% booking fee.
  • 3+ days notice: Full store credit including booking fee / free reschedule.
  • 24h+ notice: 50% store credit.
  • Less than 24 hours notice: No refund or store credit.
  • There are no refunds for any event that includes shipped physical goods, such as Virtual Paint Night.

Join an Event Demo!

Take our events for a spin with our free weekly demos!  You'll get a chance to play our events and participate in a Q&A with our top team building facilitators.

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About Us

Since 2015, Ryptic has offered a range of team building experiences to bring groups together and make sure they have fun along the way. What started with escape rooms in San Francisco has turned into a worldwide experiment to elevate online events and, above all, entertain.
We have mastered the art of engaging remote teams with sessions that are lively, collaborative, and interactive. Our event planners are available to make sure that any event you choose meets the needs of your teams, with lots of customization options to fit your budget, your objectives, and your teams’ personality.
We know that employees have been under more stress than ever before, with fewer opportunities to connect with their colleagues in their day-to-day work. Ryptic believes any team can benefit from better communication and more joy and our only goal is to deliver that for every single client. To date, we’ve made more than 150,000 people smile.
We are proud to have worked with some of the most innovative companies on the planet, including Google, Facebook, and Tesla! Contact us today to see how we can help you make your workplace a happier one.

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