Save 25% off most events with discount code: Take25

Save 25% off most events with discount code: Take25

Escape the Aliens: Live

Popular among teams from Google, Facebook and Tesla!

You and your team are a daring group of private investigators who handle the most fringe cases. A call from a distressed client has brought you and your team to the office of Dr. Tim F. Hatt, a well known researcher in the field of extraterrestrial study.
The landlord has reported noticing some strange things during the past few months involving Dr. Hatt’s office, including suspicious looking characters and ominous noises emanating from the depths of his make-shift laboratory.
The landlord is now reporting to your team that Dr. Hatt has gone missing! It’s up to you and your team to investigate Dr. Hatt’s office and unravel the mystery of the suspicious activities that have been occurring within his lab.
Can you escape in time?

  • 90 Minute Event

    This event runs about 90 minutes from start to finish. 

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    4 to 12+ Players

    This event can be done with groups small or large! For groups larger than 12, we recommending booking another virtual game simultaneously or booking multiple times spaced 2 hours apart.

  • Little to No Prep

    Join our event with little to no prep on your end! We will host and manage all aspects of the event on our end. 

  • Engaging and Fun

    This event is created to keep your team engaged and having fun. No boring monologues or speeches here. Your team takes the lead in solving the mystery!

  • Book Online or With a Specialist

    You can book the event here or talk to a team building specialist via phone/email to craft the perfect event!

  • Remote Virtual Event

    Play with your team, no matter where they are! This is a virtual event hosted over video conference.


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