Save 25% off most events with discount code: Take25

Save 25% off most events with discount code: Take25

Virtual Magic Show

For those looking for a bit more magic in their lives!

Sherlock Inspecting Evidence

Join Professional Magician, Ryan Kane, as he dazzles with Sleight of hand and trickery specifically designed for the virtual setting. Your team will be astounded by the magic brought to your home!

Your 90 minute experience will include immersive and interactive acts that will keep your whole team engaged. Instead of the magic happening on the screen it will be happening right in front of you!

  • 90 Minute Event

    This event runs about 90 minutes from start to finish. 

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    30 to 100+ participants

    This event can be done with groups small or large! There is a minimum event charge of $1200.

  • Little to No Prep

    Join our event with no prep on your end! We will host and manage all aspects of the event on our end. 

  • Mysteriously Engrossing

    This event is created to keep your team engrossed through virtual feats of deceit tricker throughout the 90 minutes of the event.

"He baffled Google's brightest MBA's and PhD's. Great to work with, clearly a professional... 

Google Customer

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