Save 25% off most events with discount code: Take25

Save 25% off most events with discount code: Take25

Sherlock Holmes: Murder Mystery

A favorite among murder mystery fans!

Sherlock Inspecting Evidence

This game is an oral "choose your own adventure" style mystery solving game – murder mystery to the next level! Our “Mystery Master” will draw you into 19th century Victorian era London, where a crime has been committed that’s stumped Scotland Yard but isn’t bizarre enough to entice the reclusive Sherlock Holmes- it’s up to you and your team of amateur sleuths to solve the case! As a team, you’ll tell the mystery master what you want to do and where you want to go. For example, if you decide to go to the crime scene, you might find clues that Scotland Yard missed. It'll be up to you to decide where to go next - interview a witness? Visit the morgue? Interrogate a suspect? There is no right answer and there are countless paths and directions to go, so you'll have to think carefully and discuss at length to solve the case without getting overwhelmed with extra and misleading information and running out of time. Your team will be encouraged to take notes and develop theories as your collection of clues and (often contradictory) witness statements grows, until someone finally has the “eureka” moment when they realize how everything fits together, and who the culprit really is.

  • 90 Minute Event

    This event runs about 90 minutes from start to finish. 

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    4 to 15+ players

    This event can be done with groups small or large! There is a minimum event charge of $300. For larger groups we may split into breakout rooms and multiple sessions for the best experience.

  • Little to No Prep

    Join our event with no prep on your end! We will host and manage all aspects of the event on our end. 

  • Mysteriously Engrossing

    This event is created to keep your team engrossed in a sprawling murder mystery throughout the 90 minutes of the event.

  • Book Online or with a Specialist

    You can book the event here or talk to a team building specialist via phone/email to craft the perfect event!

My favorite part of the game was It's size - the world is expansive and rich!

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